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Federal Compensation Lawyers In California – Get Legal Help Now

Posted on September 18, 2018
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All federal workers have access to protection should they get injured on the job. This is thanks to the federal workers’ compensation program run by OWCP or Office of Workers’ Compensation. This is a federal program which makes it possible for you as an injured federal government worker to ensure you get the medical care you need to recover from your injuries as well as get reimbursed for any lost wages due to being out of work on account of your injuries.

Are you looking for federal workers’ compensation attorney in California? Federal compensation law has been harmonized across the country, which essentially means any experienced and aggressive injured federal worker attorney can take on your case regardless of their location. In addition, you at most will only have to physically meet your attorney a few times before the approval of your claim, so remote representation is possible for all kinds of injured federal worker claims. Please call us NOW at  1-855-233-3002 for more information on what we can do for you as one of the top federal workers’ compensation law firms in the country.

Why an OWCP Attorney Is Key

It is tempting to want to go it alone when seeking out compensation after your injury. What most people coming into the program don’t know, however, is the fact that these cases are complex and that there are so many legal statutes you won’t get adequate help from even on the many federal worker internet forums. In order to save time as well as safeguard your compensation, it is best to hire an attorney who will get to work by set the ball rolling with actions such as putting you in touch with an OWCP-conversant doctor as well as sending your forms over to OWCP and making sure that you comply with OWCP regulations as they come in.

Information on OWCP Injured Federal Worker Forms

As an injured federal worker, you have less than 2 weeks from the date of the discovery of your injury to fill in a special form which will in essence commence the compensation process. It is therefore very important to get in touch with us the first few days after your injury so we can let you in on the forms to fill as well as which ones to fill. Please be advised that your compensation will be dependent on the body part injured as well as the extent of the injury. Need more information? Simply call  1-855-233-3002 for your free consult.

Federal Disability Retirement for Injured Federal Workers

If, however, you suffered an injury so severe that it would take you years to heal from, if at all, you may want to consider going into federal disability retirement. This is something some injured federal workers choose when they discover that the seriousness of their injuries may mean the cutting short of their career as a federal worker. That being said, it is important to note that injured federal workers can transition from conventional compensation into federal disability retirement if they discover down the road that their injuries have reached maximum medical improvement but still make it impossible for them to return to work. Lastly, you cannot receive compensation for both under the law.

California Federal Compensation Attorneys – Call Now!

At McCready, Garcia & Leet, we’ve dedicated our lives to helping injured federal workers get the compensation they rightfully deserve. Whether you’re a first-time applicant, or have been denied, let the 20+ years of our experience work for you: simply call 1-855-233-3002 NOW to receive your free, no-commitment consultation into all things federal compensation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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