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How Will The Looming Government Shutdown Affect My Paycheck?

Posted on June 24, 2018
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The debt ceiling is once again with us, and millions of us are worried about a government shutdown as a result. This seems to be history repeating itself, but in all honesty, many Americans are wondering when it will all pop and come crashing down, ending our economic dominance over the rest of the world, sending us into a tailspin that we may never recover from. As a federal worker, you’re probably worried about how the looming shutdown, if it happens, will affect your paycheck, and if you’ll receive it at all.

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Trump Speaks Out on Government Shutdown

Trump, once again, is at the center of government drama, which comes as no surprise to many. Will he follow the historical shutting down of government which has happened in the 9th month of the year over the last two decades, or will he keep operations trudging along? A recent survey carried out by revealed surprising answers regarding the shutdown in the eyes of the public, with over 50 percent of those surveyed stating that they were more concerned than usual regarding the president’s comments about an impending government shutdown.

As a Federal Worker, Should You Be Worried?

Should a shutdown happen due to the government’s inability to pay off its bills by October, some federal employees may be furloughed. According to an OPM missive dated 2015, it is the responsibility of Congress to make sure furloughed federal employees are paid. That being said, government entities have been in the past accused of delaying pay which has resulted in lawsuits being filed to recover back pay.

Who Are Excepted Federal Employees?

There are federal employees who are “excepted” during a shutdown. This simply means that they will continue to work in some capacity as their services are deemed critical and needed for minimum government operations. This may include individuals working in government security, upper management and emergency services. These individuals will be paid for working during a shutdown, and should expect pay once Congress passes a continuing resolution of the shutdown which will be signed by the president to make it official.

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