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Retirees, Beware Of The Grandparent Scam

Posted on June 24, 2018
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As a federal retiree, you’ve probably built up a good nest egg, and are living a relatively comfortable, stress-free life. So what happens when you receive a call from your grandson who needs urgent help as he just got into an accident or has been arrested?

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The Grandparent Scam – Still Going Strong

The grandparent scam has its roots from way back in 2012, and it’s taken thousands of seniors to the coals who have shelled out their hard-earned money to strangers who have then slipped away into the night. As a retired federal employee, you know how hard it is to make ends meet, what with the food, fuel and medication costs rising with each passing year. It therefore is painful when someone you think you’re related to takes you for all you’ve got and leaves your nest egg slimmer than it was.

How Does The Grandparent Scam Work?

The grandparent scam is perpetrated by criminals who may be in the country or countries in South America, Africa and Asia. These individuals heavily monitor social media and then choose the right time to strike, such as when you’re out of the country, or when your real grandson is overseas. Most people post this kind of information on social media without a second thought, giving complete strangers keys to their personal lives who then use it to perpetrate elaborate scams.

These criminals will then attempt to solicit financial help saying that they need anywhere from $1000-$5000 to help with paying off a jail bond, fixing their car or seeking medical attention. They will sound convincing, and use information they found on social media to build a level of trust so that any fears you may have are placated.

Ask Lots of Questions

Should you receive any distress call asking for money, ask questions. Make sure they provide you with sufficient information, and after that, call the local police department to corroborate this information. If the request for assistance is genuine (which for the most part it isn’t), they will provide you with this information and more. However, don’t rush to help the individual, and try to go over them and speak with the authorities first. In addition, don’t feel pressured to do something even if they give you a time limit within which to wire funds since this is just one of their tactics to get you to send money so they can slink away fast.

Make sure to call other relatives once you’ve gotten through to the authorities, and always be skeptical whenever you receive a call from your “grandson”.

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