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What Happens To My Health Insurance When I Leave My Federal Job Position?

Posted on June 24, 2018
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Working for the government affords you decent health insurance that will take care of almost any health issue you may encounter. A lot of you are wary about how you’re going to receive coverage when you leave federal service, and this is undoubtedly a valid concern given the reduction in force actions that have historically been happening over the years. Thanks to the Office of Personnel Management, you’ll continue to receive health insurance benefits from the federal government should you leave your position due to a valid reason or are asked to leave due to administrative reasons such as RIF’s.

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Health Insurance After Leaving Federal Service

Should you leave federal service, you may qualify for Temporary Continuation, or TCC, which can last for 18 months thanks to FEHB, or the Federal Employee Health Benefits. That being said, you must meet certain eligibility requirements as mandated by FEHB.

Regarding Your Premiums

When it comes to premiums, you are required to pay the full amount on any plan you choose, as well as take care of a 2 percent administrative charge. This form of health insurance continuation is even available to those who left federal service involuntarily, with exceptions being anyone who was let go of due to gross misconduct.

Some Positions Aren’t Covered

Some employment positions are not covered by FEHB, meaning that if you are planning to leave federal service for another job outside the federal government, please check with FEHB first to confirm that you’ll be covered.

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